One of the most Convenient ways of GPS Tracking – USB GPS Finder

USB GPS Finder 4G

USB GPS Finder 4G was launched by PAJ GPS to provide most convenient way of tracking and securing the vehicle. The reason for convenience is the size and its operation. Let’s take a closer look this device.

Device architecture

The device is designed to be plugged into the 12 V power socket of your car.  It has a dedicated SOS button, a USB charging port and a USB C charging port. Most Apple and Android devices charge via USB, so you can easily charge your gadgets. The entire device is designed in such a way that it is barely noticed and identified as a GPS tracker. This in turn provides a covert nature.

Connecting the USB GPS Finder 4G

The USB GPS Finder 4Gcan be connected to the 12 V power socket in the car. Once your account is activated on the Finder portal, simply plug it into the socket. To activate the device and start receiving location updates, you will need to register your device in the Finder portal. You will also need to purchase a subscription plan, just like any other tracking device. It has 4G connectivity and is powered by the car battery. It is one of the smallest devices in our entire catalogue. There are also LED indicators for GPS, battery and network connectivity.

Alerts from USB GPS Finder 4G

There alerts from USB GPS Finder 4G include Geo Fencing Alert, Speed Alert, Voltage Alerts and SOS Alert. Geo Fence Alert, as the name suggests, lets us know as soon as the vehicle leaves the pre-defined safe area. If the speed of the vehicle is higher than the speed set on the portal, the user will receive a speeding alert. The SOS alert can be used in case of an emergency. This can be done by pressing the SOS button on the device. An SOS alert message is sent to the contact number we set on the online portal when the dedicated SOS button on the device is pressed for 3 seconds.

The Benefits

The reason for the design of USB GPS Finder 4G is the ease of installation and maintenance. USB GPS Finder 4G provides us with the convenience and security at the same time. Here are a few of the advantages of USB GPS Finder 4G for Cars

  1. Small and elegant design
  2. Easy installation – plug into 12V socket and you are done
  3. Can be used to charge your gadget from both the USB – C and USB – A ports available on the tracker device
  4. Hardly noticed as a GPS device. Looks like a charging station.
  5. Don’t worry about battery charge. The USB GPS Finder 4G draws power from the car battery.
  6. Dedicated SOS button for use in case of emergency.
Original price was: £49.99.Current price is: £34.99. Incl. VAT

location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Cars, trucks, RVs, vans, delivery services.
battery black icon Battery: Power supply via the cigarette lighter (12V).
signal Coverage: More than 100 countries with 4G technology.


The USB GPS Finder 4G provides GPS tracking as well as a device to charge your gadgets while travelling. It can hardly be identified as a tracking device. At the same time, it provides full GPS tracking benefits. Also, the SOS button is so much helpful and easily accessible in case of emergency. All these are the reasons that make the USB GPS Finder 4G a great choice for all the car enthusiasts out there.