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Protect your motorcycle from theft with a motorcycle trackers: live tracking, route recording and multiple alarms for optimal anti-theft protection.

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What can you do with the GPS Motorcycle trackers?

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Live tracking

Track your motorcycle in real time and easily share its location with the police.

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Route history

Review your motorcycle’s routes and distance covered over the past year.

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Receive alerts when your motorcycle enters or exits a specified area.

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Set up all available alarms in a single step to stay alert for any situation.

Locate your motorcycle instantly with a Motorbike Tracker

Simple and speedy installation. We provide valuable features to guarantee the motorcycle security. Explore our GPS tracker to safeguard your bike.

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Our recommendation for GPS motorcycle Tracker

Original price was: £99.99.Current price is: £69.99. Incl. VAT

location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, boats, cars, vans, delivery services.
battery black icon Battery: Operates with a car battery (9-75 V).
signal Coverage: More than 100 countries with 4G technology.

Original price was: £69.99.Current price is: £34.99. Incl. VAT

location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, beekeeping, horseback riding, children, elderly individuals, containers, wood transport, garden tools, instruments, and luggage.
battery black icon Battery: Up to 20 days of continuous operation and up to 40 days in standby mode.
signal Coverage: More than 100 countries with 4G technology.


Enhanced Security with Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Whether it’s a sportbike, enduro, or naked bike, your machine is something you love. You become emotionally attached to it over the miles. After travelling on your motorcycle for a long time, it has become your favourite possession, and it’s important for you to protect it from theft. Then safeguard it with motorbike tracker from PAJ.

In the United Kingdom, approximately 40,000 motorcycles are stolen each year. These thefts occur in various locations, including on the street, in underground car parks, or right outside the owners’ homes. Not only theft, but also other hazards confront motorcycle owners, such as vandalism, hit-and-runs, or accidents.

With the GPS Tracker Motorcycle, you can always monitor your bike’s location in real-time. In the event of theft, the tracker will alert you immediately. Often, various alarms can even prevent it from being stolen or damaged in the first place.

More Than Just Motorcycle Theft Protection

  • Travel securely on holiday – our tracking devices have coverage in over 100 countries.
  • Relive splendid bike journeys – review the distance travelled for 365 days.
  • Emergency in an unknown area? – Rapid assistance can be critical. Even without a recognisable street name, emergency services can swiftly locate you using your location coordinates.
  • Safe winter storage – the motion alarm alerts you instantly if there’s an attempt to move your motorcycle.
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3 simple steps to protect what is important to you


Find the perfect tracking device

Choose one of our GPS trackers according to the requirement.

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Choose your subscription plan

After receiving your tracking device, select the subscription plan that best suits your needs.

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Get the app for real-time tracking

Download our free Finder Portal app and enjoy real-time tracking of your Vehicle

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30-days money-back guarantee

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  • GPS tracker with real-time tracking
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • 365-day route log
  • Instant notifications
  • Coverage in +100 countries
  • And much more
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Comments from our clients

Great device for tracking and monitoring

I mounted the PAJ Finder 2.0 on my Vespa 300 GTS. I was thinking before about installing an acoustic alarm system but if you are not close you cannot react in time. The PAJ Finder, on the other hand, is a silent alarm system that sends you a message via the App on your cell phone if something is wrong and wherever you are. For example, if the connection with the battery is interrupted, if the vehicle needs to be moved or turned on.

Setting up via the App is easy and convenient. In the event of an alarm, the messages on the cell phone arrive in a few seconds. The vehicle’s routes are traceable in the App for each day. Overall, it works great and the costs for the 4G service are worth it. Standby battery consumption is low and if the battery is discharging below a certain level, the Finder will send you a message. Recommended!

Amazon Customer / Via Amazon UK

Did what it should if you know how the device works and what to expect.

I read in a review that the LEDs are very bright. That’s why when I installed the device I thought it wasn’t working because I didn’t even notice the LEDs. I had the tracker built into my motorcycle. But it was because I had activated it in a garage and the device had poor or no reception there, of course. The LEDs are actually barely visible. I had already taken out the subscription for 99 euros for 2 years and set up the account and the alarms I wanted on my PC.
When I removed it or disconnected the cables from the battery, I immediately received a push notification on my mobile phone that the tracker was disconnected from the battery. So it worked even though I didn’t see the tracker on the card on the PC.
I then took a trip to a motorcycle shop and then I went home. When I checked the card online again, you could see my actual route and even that I had stopped at the shop for 15 minutes. That really impressed me.

Kiki / Via Amazon UK

GPS Tracker for Motorcycle

Frequently Asked Questions

The tracking devices connected to the motorcycle battery do not affect the motorcycle’s performance. it uses only a feeble amount of power from the battery.

Yes, the device still works even if the motorcycle is turned off.

Whether the devices are connected to the motorcycle battery or have their own batteries, as soon as the tracker devices are removed from the motorcycle, you will receive a power interruption alert or a device removal alert, depending on the type of connection mentioned earlier.

You will receive instant alerts on your cell phone via push notifications and email.

You will receive alerts for shocks, power disconnection, geo-fencing, ignition, speed, and voltage.

The device is waterproof according to IP67 standards.