Dog Tracker for Pet Safety

Harness the power of our dog tracker to keep your pet safe at all times.

All Features at a Glance

GPS Tracker for Dogs

LIVE Tracking

Keep tabs on your dog’s whereabouts 24/7 with real-time location tracking.

View Routes

Access and store the paths your dog has traveled for 365 days.


Get an instant alert when your dog exits the safe area you’ve designated on our portal.

Recall Function

Remotely trigger a sound through our app from any location to attract your dog’s attention.

Google play store icon for downloading the paj finder portal app
Google play store icon for downloading the paj finder portal app

NEW: GPS Dog Tracking with innovative 4G technology for more certainty about your pet

The PAJ GPS Dog Tracker is as small as a matchbox and weighs only 48 g. Therefore, it is hardly noticeable in everyday life and will not bother your dog. With the help of the brand-new Wifi-Home function and the bright LEDs, you can quickly locate your loyal friend even indoors and in darkness.

Discover the new search function:
When this is activated, the tracker updates its location every 5 seconds – for a total of 3 minutes!

Thanks to the included Velcro strap, the tracker can be easily attached to the collar or harness!



Original price was: £49.99.Current price is: £34.99. Incl. VAT

Discover the PAJ PET Finder 4G: a lightweight, waterproof GPS tracker for your pet's safety. Enjoy live tracking, night visibility and a battery life of up to five days. Perfect for any adventure with your four-legged friend.

I Want to Protect My Dog

Advantages of the Dog Tracker

Brand new: WiFi Home Zone

Thanks to the new WiFi Home Zone, you can not only locate your beloved pet more precisely within buildings, but also improve the battery life of your GPS tracker.

Using the PAJ FINDER Portal, you can define the surrounding WiFi networks as WiFi Homes. The WiFi networks scanned by the GPS Tracker then form the WiFi Home Zone and are synchronized exclusively with the FINDER.

As soon as the FINDER is within your WiFi Home Zone, the GPS module of the device is automatically deactivated. This state remains until the device is outside the range of your WiFi Home Zone – in this case, the GPS module is reactivated.

This function is designed in particular to reduce the battery consumption of your GPS tracker.

GPS Tracker for Dogs: More Highlights

Finder Hilights

Geofence FINDER Portal PAJ GPS Tracker with PAJ PET Finder 4G

Secure Specific Areas

  • Establish virtual fences

  • Alarm notification upon entry and exit

  • Push notification to mobile devices

Route Tracking FINDER Portal PAJ GPS Tracker with PAJ PET Finder 4G

Track Every Step

  • Detailed recording of the route

  • Route recording retroactively up to 365 days

  • App included (iOS and Android)

Live Tracking FINDER Portal PAJ GPS Tracker with PAJ PET Finder 4G

Stay Calm When the Dog Escapes

  • LIVE tracking

  • Location can be viewed at any time and from anywhere

  • PC, tablet and smartphone

Why a GPS Tracker for Dogs?

Our pet animals are like our family. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or any other species, for a pet owner, they’re a family member. Among these pet animals, dogs are closer to humans due to their unconditional love and affection.

Living with a four-legged friend also comes with the responsibility of safeguarding them. Pet trackers are devices that help you keep a close eye on your dog’s daily movements. They are considered one of the most effective ways to safeguard your dog, rather than confining them to a small area all the time.

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picture showing a dog being tracked by using a dog tracker to explain why a dog tracking device
Pet finder on a small dog

More Than Just A Dog Tracker: The Perfect Companion for Safety

Our PET Finder 4G GPS tracker for dogs has many specialities that surpass dog owners’ expectations. From designing the device to incorporating various features, our engineers have done a very meticulous job to keep your dog safe.

The device is so small that its longest side is only 5 centimetres, and it weighs about 32 grams. It is suitable for any dog breed that weighs over 5 kilograms. It is oval with no sharp edges. This compact and careful design ensures that the GPS Tracker never annoys the dog in any way.

The device has extensive coverage and offers the highest GPS accuracy and thereby helping to pinpoint your dog’s location accurately in the event of a runaway. Geo-fencing alerts help you monitor your dog effortlessly during playtime or in the park.

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Dog Tracking Device Functionalities

Apart from Geofencing and Speed alert, the PET Finder 4G is packed with additional features such as Wi-Fi Tracking, Night Light, and Calling functionality.

Sneaky While Inside the House?

Small dogs especially breeds like Chihuahuas often prefer to sleep in random places where we least expect them to be. It is quite common for dogs to run into places inside the house such as underground areas and storage spaces and get trapped there. This is a serious situation especially when there is low air circulation. In such situvations, Wi-Fi tracking is best suited because it provides accurate live tracking inside our home. 

The device has LED lights that illuminate at night using the installed light sensors. This helps to locate your furry friend easily even in the dark.

dog laying on a couch inside the house with PET tracker 4g on the caller and actively tracking using home wifi
Dog running towards the owner

Calling Function

you can signal your dog with the calling function using the Finder portal application. The device has built-in speakers. A unique sound will be produced when you use the calling function on the app. This sound can be used to train the dog to respond to it. A common scenario for using this feature is to call your dog from afar on the playground using your smartphone.

Finder Portal: The Second Guardian of Your Pet

All these alerts and features can be easily managed from the Finder Portal provided with the tracking device. It can be downloaded from the Play Store and Apple Store free of charge.

The Finder portal provides information such as the daily routes taken by your dog and how many kilometres they travel each day. The heat map option shows the places where your dog spends the most time. In short, the Finder portal provides an overview of your pet’s travel history. This data is stored in the portal for 365 days.

Google play store icon for downloading the paj finder portal app
Google play store icon for downloading the paj finder portal app
PAJ GPS Dog tracker application on phone and laptop

Interesting Facts

5 Reasons Behind a Dog’s Desire to Escape

A brown poodle running because of the excitement of seeing snow is an example of dog runaway

A Sudden Unexpected Situation

Your dog may encounter unexpected situations such as the sound of a firecracker or a burst balloon while walking in the park or on the street. This can cause fear and ultimately result in a runaway in search of shelter.

Hunting Instinct

Some dog breeds show exceptional hunting instincts when they sense unique smells. Dogs often run away to find the source of such smells because of their unique ability to chase scents.

Unfamiliar Environment

Dogs often mark their territory where they live. It may find it difficult to understand the new location and may try to return to their territory while on vacation or a hiking trip. This is also a reason for a dog’s escape. Many dogs can’t find their way back home and end up on the streets.

Presence of Other Dogs or Animals

Meeting a new friend on the road may end in a playful getaway or an intense standoff. Both situations are not ideal for the dog owner because it can result in the dog running away. It’s also possible for dogs to encounter other animals such as Goldfinch birds or chickens. The excitement can be quite high for indoor dogs and may chase their new friends.

Exposure to Chemicals

Exposure to household chemicals such as floor cleaners or certain sprays can cause irritation to dogs. The smell of certain plastic items is injurious to dogs’ health. Dogs may try to get away from these chemicals when they expose to such substances.

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A Majorca shepherd dog with broken collar sitting on the ground in the wood.

Comments from Our Clients

Great dog tracker at a good annual fee

Purchased this for my old dog as I go to France on holiday with him and he’s the same as at home. He sometimes runs off into bushes or back home. The tracker shows you the route he takes with arrows on the phone app. If he’s hidden under van, car or bush, it has a alarm you can switch on to hear where he is. If its dark you can switch on a light that’s on it. It’s even got heat map.
You can see the route he’s taken during route or after when home together with distance.
The great thing is if you have a problem. Unlike many companies which are difficult to contact. I ring the number provided and the phone is answered by a person straight away that always resolves any problems. If no answer they ring you back asap and resolve all problems. Just wish all other companies i have dealt with were as good instead of having robots

Bobby-G / Amazon UK

Very accurate and lots of functions

I allready use the car gps tracker from paj 3 months now. I just purchase 2x pet/dog gps tracker from paj, so ive got 3 devices on same app. Very complete and usefull app, such for the car as same for my 2 dogs. Lots of functions, alarms, lights, sounds, geofence, live tracking….all 👍
Recommended 100%

Silviu Lupu / Amazon UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Our PET Finder 4G operates in over 100 countries, thus its range is unlimited.

Yes, this device is compatible with all breeds of dogs.

Yes, indeed. This device is fully compatible with any type of dog collar.

Yes, indeed. To enhance tracking accuracy for indoor dogs, we’ve incorporated Wi-Fi tracking. The device can connect to the Wi-Fi in your home and automatically switch to GPS tracking mode when the dog leaves the Wi-Fi zone.

Yes, indeed. The device is designed without any sharp edges, making it safe for dogs. It’s also compact in size and made from non-allergenic material, ensuring it’s friendly for all dog breeds.

The PET Finder 4G features geo-fencing alerts, speed alerts, and battery alerts.