GPS Trackers for Kids

Live tracking, route recording, SOS button, instant alerts: safety on the way to school at any time with a GPS tracker for children.

Tracking Device for Kids


What can you do with the  PAJ GPS kids tracker?

Setting up live tracking on GPS tracker for kids

LIVE Tracking

You can easily track a child’s real-time location and share it with others using a simple link.

mobile screen showing kids route

Route History

The child GPS Tracker allows you to track distances and routes taken in the last 365 days.

Setting up geo fence alert on GPS tracker for kids

Virtual Fence

You’ll get an immediate notification if your child exits a set area.

mobile screen showing SOS alert received from GPS tracker

Emergency Button

Using the SOS button, your child can promptly notify you in case of an emergency.

Our Recommendations for You

GPS Tracker for Kid by PAJ

NEW with innovative 4G technology!

£69.99 Incl. VAT

location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, beekeeping, horseback riding, children, elderly individuals, containers, wood transport, garden tools, instruments, and luggage.
battery black icon Battery: Up to 20 days of continuous operation and up to 40 days in standby mode.
signal Coverage: More than 100 countries with 4G technology.

Out of stock
£49.99 Incl. VAT

location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Children, seniors, tools and luggage.
battery black icon Battery: Up to 14 days standby.
signal Coverage: More than 100 countries with 4G technology.

2G GPS Tracker for Kids

£29.99 Incl. VAT

location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, beekeeping, horseback riding, children, elderly individuals, containers, wood transport, garden tools, instruments, and luggage.
battery black icon Battery: Up to 20 days of continuous operation and up to 40 days in standby mode.
signal Coverage: In 40 countries with 2G technology.

Ensure constant peace of mind with GPS location tracking designed for children.

Compact and easily concealable. Features multiple alarms for enhanced security.


The worry of children getting lost is no longer an issue for parents. Whether your child is at school, a friend’s house, a local park, or exploring malls with friends, the PAJ GPS tracking device provides live tracking, instant notifications, and alerts to keep you informed about their location. You can also establish safe zones and receive updates if your child ventures beyond them. Now, there’s no need to compromise on the freedom for children to explore.

A mother and her kid

GPS for Kids

For added safety and peace of mind.

Restlessness, anxious glances at the clock, and racing thoughts – when your child should have returned from school or a friend’s place long ago, especially during the quickly darkening winter months with poorly lit paths, these worries become all too familiar.

Balancing the desire to foster your child’s independence with concerns for their safety can lead to many sleepless nights for parents. The news frequently reports incidents involving children encountering difficulties on their way to or from school.

A GPS Tracker for kids offers a solution, allowing you to monitor your child’s location at any time. In the event of delays, you can quickly verify that your child is safe and on their way home. Additionally, in case of an emergency, your child can instantly inform you using the SOS button on the Kids GPS Tracker.

3 Reasons for a GPS Tracker for Kids

Traveling Worry-Free

1. On the Way to School

Particularly during the winter months, when daylight arrives later in the morning and darkness descends early in the afternoon, sending your children on their way can evoke an uneasy feeling. Dangers are now even more challenging to discern, lurking everywhere. Children can swiftly become frightened by unfamiliar noises or misjudge potential dangers.

2. Criminal Acts

In 2017, the police recorded approximately 12,000 attacks on children—an alarming and concerning number. If your child ever finds themselves in an unsafe or potentially dangerous situation, they can promptly notify you using the SOS button.

3. Unfamiliar Environment

Are you exploring a new environment or perhaps residing in a metropolitan area? In such situations, it’s easy for your child to get lost in the crowd and then face difficulties finding their way back to you. If your child happens to take a wrong turn, ends up in unfamiliar areas, and is unsure of what to do, a GPS tracker for kids can be a lifesaver.


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  • Real-time tracking
  • S0S Alert
  • 365-day route log
  • Instant notifications
  • Coverage in +100 countries
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Comments from our clients

The tracker is excellent and once the rather rudimentary set up instructions have been worked through, then it does everything expected of it and more. The app is easy to use and the battery has held up beyond expectations so far. A good product.

Rhys Bending / Amazon

You can tell it from the moment you unbox the product that this is going to be a reliable product. Easy to setup and a no-fuss app/website experience. Main point for me is the battery life which is meant to last ~90days at a minimum use. Would recommend it.

Pedro Salvado / Amazon

Having purchased and returned a very poor tracker from a different company, I was looking for a tracker that would alert me to any movement, location and show any routes travelled in detail for my personal vehicles. This tracker exceeds on every level, it was very easy to setup and I now get alerts to my phone and emails. I can highly recommend this device - you get what you pay for! A first class product in every way.

Jonathan Linley / Amazon

I am very Happy with this GPS , very well made good quality product. It is very reliable and offers an accurate location all the time. Including all the allarms are working Properly and It is also very easy to set up and to use.
Quick and easy commissioning it’s complete set with integrated SIM card. Raccomended it.

Vi Relax / Amazon

This is an excellent device for locating your vehicle - so simple to use - notifies the user whenever the ignition starts & stops as well as an accurate location of your vehicle.
Does exactly what it says on the tin!
Recommended buy 100%!!

alokc58 / Amazon

Easy to install,set up and subscription took minutes, would highly recommend this tracker!!

Phil / Amazon


Frequently asked questions

With our devices, you’ll have the ability to know the precise and real-time location of your child at all times, whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation. Our GPS Tracker provides real-time location information in over 100 countries.

When searching for a GPS tracker for children, it’s crucial to consider its ability to overcome obstacles. With PAJ devices, the GPS signal easily navigates through obstacles, allowing you to place the device in a bag, such as a school bag, without any issue.

Moreover, our kids’ GPS trackers are compact and portable, making it possible to carry them in your jacket pocket or another location close to your body. This ensures you can always be aware of your child’s location, whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation. Trust PAJ to prioritize the safety and security of your child.

Children’s watches and bracelets equipped with GPS trackers frequently encounter signal reception issues, often taking time to connect and transmit information. Apart from their high cost, these devices may lack consistent location accuracy, contrasting with the reliability offered by our kids’ GPS trackers.

With our devices, you can consistently and instantly access the precise location of your child, whether you are at home, at work, or on vacation.

Furthermore, the GPS signal effortlessly navigates obstacles, allowing the device to be carried in a backpack, jacket pocket, or another location close to the body without compromising accuracy. Ensure your child’s safety with our highly precise and dependable kids’ GPS trackers!

To guarantee the optimal functioning of our kids’ GPS devices, we provide a dedicated SIM card, enabling real-time location tracking without range limitations or extra charges when used abroad.

We offer three subscription models:

  • £3.75/month (£89.99 one-time payment every two years)
  • £4.58/month (£54.99 one-time payment annually)
  • £5.99/month (£5.99 monthly payment)

Our subscriptions come without a fixed commitment period.

You’ll promptly receive notifications on your mobile app and via email the moment your child departs from the predefined safe zone set on the GPS device. This ensures you stay informed about their location, allowing you to take swift action in case of an emergency. Moreover, our notification service is complimentary and comes at no extra cost to you.

EASY Finder 4G: Operates for 14 days in stand-by mode and 7 days with 1 hour of active monitoring per day. Equipped with a 3.7 V 3000 mAh Li-ion battery.

ALLROUND Finder 4G 2.0: Provides a battery life of 20 days with 1 hour of monitoring per day and 40 days in stand-by mode. Powered by a Li-Ion 5,000 mAh battery.

ALLROUND Finder 2.0: Offers a battery lifespan of 20 days with 1 hour of monitoring per day and 60 days in stand-by mode.