Why you should install a Caravan Tracker

caravan parked on a beautiful garden in wales UK

Caravaning and camping are so popular in Europe than any other parts of the world. Especially in UK, it is most popular than any other country in the world. UK has between 9500 to 13000 caravan parking spots which makes one of the biggest caravan circuits in the world.  With this data it is obvious that UK has high demand for caravan both new and used. This demand Is also caught the eye of thieves for widespread caravan theft in UK. On 28th May 2024 BBC has reported that Cumbria Police found four caravans and a pick-up truck, all believed to be stolen, in Brough and Long Marton on Saturday. Two men were arrested after this recovery. Hence caravan needs protection and GPS Caravan tracker is one of the excellent choices for caravan protection.

How to prevent Caravan Theft

As stated earlier, the caravan theft is increasing. The west Yorkshire police already shared few safety tips for caravan owners to prevent caravan theft. These include selecting the location and adding the security features. Using the registered camping spots are always safe instead parking an unmonitored area. The article also highlights the importance of caravan safety while parked in your garage. An alarm system that detects and inform the owner about the illegal movements is great addition to caravan safety. The article talks about so many aspects of protecting your caravan.

GPS Tracker for Caravans

The west Yorkshire police also recommend a GPS based tracking system to protect the caravans from theft. The tracking system provides Realtime location tracking along with lot of important alerts that help us to fight against caravan theft. Even if it is parked or while on running, using your mobile phone you can always track vehicle movement in real time.


PAJ GPS has caravan trackers that designed for caravan safety in all scenarios. The alerts such as geofencing alert, speed alert, vibration alerts can provide proactive security to one’s caravan. Considering the theft cases in UK, it is important to have your caravan equipped with a smart caravan tracking solution to enjoy your holidays in peace.