Everything you need to know about SIM cards in GPS trackers

vehicle finder 4G GPS tracker with non removable simcard and ready to install

GPS trackers gain more and more popularity each year because of their live tracking and alert features that significantly reduce the risk of theft. The SIM cards in GPS trackers play an important role in providing instant alerts and real-time tracking. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about SIM cards in GPS trackers.

Why a SIM card in a GPS Tracker

SIM cards act as a gateway to the internet. GPS tracker devices require the internet to provide real-time tracking and instant alerts to the user because it’s the fastest way to send data over long distances. It’s important to understand the distinction between GPS navigation and GPS tracking. While GPS navigation uses the GPS signal to guide the user to the destination, the GPS tracking device sends the location data to a user situated far away from the GPS receiver.

Normal SIM cards vs. M2M SIM cards

It is common for normal SIM cards to go out of service in certain weather conditions and terrains. To avoid this signal loss, devices such as GPS trackers use a special type of SIM card called M2M SIM cards. These are specifically designed to facilitate communication between Machine to Machine (M2M). Here, the tracking device and the server, where GPS signals are decoded, communicate with each other using the data connection in M2M SIM cards. This SIM card won’t work if we try to use it in a cell phone.

Now, let’s address some common queries about this topic:

Yes, a SIM card is a must-have component in GPS trackers as it is the only way to connect to the internet, as explained earlier in the article.

GPS trackers from PAJ use M2M SIM cards. These SIM cards can switch between networks that have better coverage in any area.

Yes, GPS trackers require an internet connection just like our phones.

It depends on the business model of the company. Few companies require a subscription fee monthly, annually, or for two years. Others may include a subscription for a period of time. In the latter case, the company may charge for a subscription after a specified period.

Yes, just like mobile phones, all GPS tracking devices have a unique code to identify the device. It is registered in the company’s server with owner details for security purposes.