Is it Safe for a Child to Wear a GPS Watch?


The time between childhood to teenage is when learning and exploration happens. As a responsible parent, one should ensure the safety of the kid in these periods considering the threats of current era. GPS supported devices such as GPS watches and GPS kids trackers are one such gadget that help you protect your kid. In this article we are exploring whether it is safe to have a GPS watch around your child.

How Do GPS Watches Work?

GPS watch for kids work just like any other watches provided it has the capability to send the Geo-location to the parent. It has additional hardware piece called GPS receiver which help them to pin point the Geo-location of the kid who is wearing it. The device use internet connection via SIM card installed with it to send the location coordinates to the parent’s smart phone, .

On the other side, the parent with the GPS watch application installed in their smart phone can easily see the love location of the kid. We have to mention the technological advancement here such as computation of the coordinates and pin pointing the location on earth. It requires so much calculation but it was done within split seconds because of the software development and algorithms.

Is it Safe to Wear a GPS Watch for Kids?

Parents are naturally concerned about GPS watch attached to child’s body. There are various aspects to these concerns. The technical concerns are related to the quality of the product. GPS watch for kids are safe to use for kids provided it is child-friendly because there are watches available for adults which is not recommended for kids. The brand and customer support play a major role. A watch from a reputable brand would be a good choice as they will definitely abide the laws and regulations of government. In UK there are stringent laws to protect the customer rights and safety so brands following such laws would be a good option.

Before purchasing a GPS watch it is wise to check with school authorities whether they allow such devices in school premises. Also, It is important to keep the child safe from being envied upon. So, school authorities can give you an advice on such matters which is helpful and relieving.

GPS Trackers for Kids

GPS watches have low battery life and it may have negative impact on kids’ concentration while on the class. Prolonged radiation of feeble amount is not good for child health.

In light of these factors, a GPS tracker for kids would be a better choice. It has better battery power and it does not need to be attached to the kid’s body. The design itself is minimal and the kid have nothing to play with. The SIM card in GPS trackers is M2M and have 4G coverage so it can out perform GPS watches as it has coverage globally. So, you can track your kid even in abroad for the same subscription amount.