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Frequently asked questions

What does the service package subscription include?


  • Material defects
  • manufacturing defects
  • Wear and tear (for original batteries)
  • Accident (impact and fall) in case of malfunction
  • Water, moisture and sand damage

Other benefits:

  • No customer deductible
  • In the event of a total loss, 1 free replacement per year with a refurbished device of the same type and quality
How much does the service package subscription cost?
  • Billed monthly: €3.50
  • Billed annually: €29.94
  • Billed every 2 years: €50.00

Note: The costs for the service package subscription are collected together with your Finder portal license. The term of the service package subscription depends on the term of your Finder portal license. Different terms are not possible! As soon as you have canceled your Finder portal license, the service package subscription also ends.

How do I take out the service package subscription?

As soon as you have received your FINDER, you can register it here. Once you have selected the portal term, you can include the service package subscription there.

If you already have an active Finder portal license, you can contact us at any time by telephone or in writing to take out this at a later date.