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Your Alert functions with a PAJ GPS Tracker

With various alarm functions, your FINDER gives you control over everything that is important to you. Every PAJ GPS tracker comes with in-built alarms and alert functions that makes sure you know if anything is happening. Intuitive and hassle-free alert functions help you find out if there’s anything wrong as soon as it happens which give you control and help you react quickly, avoiding complications. You get the alarm message directly via push message to your cell phone and additionally as an email so you can intervene immediately in case of emergency.

Motion /Vibration alarm
The major upside of using the PAJ GPS tracker is the functionality specifically designed for location tracking. PAJ GPS trackers come with designated alert functions such as motion/vibration alarm which let you know as soon as there is a sudden movement or motion. When placed inside a vehicle, this alarm lets you know if the vehicle has been turned on or starts moving. This is highly useful in finding out if your vehicle has been broken in or your asset has been stolen quickly, thus increasing the odds of retrieval.

Here are the devices with Motion/Vibration alarm function: VEHICLE Finder 4G, POWER Finder 4G, OBD Finder

Speed alarm
The PAJ GPS tracker allows you to measure the speed of travel and you can view that in the finder portal. If you are tracking a vehicle or a person, you will know exactly how fast they’re travelling along which route. You also get live updates from the finder portal about their precise location all the time. With the speed alarm function, you can find out if your car or someone close to you carrying the GPS tracker is moving faster than the regular speed limit. This is especially helpful to make sure your children are safe while travelling on the school bus or if someone else has taken your car and they are overspeeding. 

Here are the devices with Speed alarm function: VEHICLE Finder 4GPOWER Finder 4G, OBD Finder

Battery alarm
It’s highly crucial that your tracker does not run out of power when trying to track the location. Low battery levels can also mess with the accuracy of location, finding signal strength, and transmission. This is why PAJ GPS tracker uses a battery alarm to help you find out if the power is low in your GPS tracker. This way, you can easily replace or recharge the batteries before you use the tracker again.

Here are the devices with Battery Alarm function: POWER Finder 4GALLRound Finder 4G

Power interruption alarm
When you are trying to track something, it’s important that the tracker does not run out of power. If the battery is dead or the power is interrupted, the tracking becomes unreliable and you lose track of whatever you are trying to locate. This is why PAJ GPS trackers provide the power interruption alarm that lets you know as soon as the power flow is cut off from the tracker. If you have a PAJ GPS tracker in your car and the thieves try to remove the tracker in order to escape without getting caught, you will instantly know that they are trying to remove the tracker

Here are the devices with Power interruption alarm: VEHICLE Finder 4G, OBD Finder

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