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Small, light, inconspicuous – thanks to the GPS tracker for dogs, you can go outside with your dog without worries.

All Features at a Glance

GPS Tracker for Dogs

LIVE Tracking

Always know where your dog is. Effortlessly through our app.

View Routes

Retrospectively track the route covered over the last 365 days. Whether on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Invisible Fence

Instant alert via push notification if your dog leaves a predefined area.

Recall Function

Trigger the acoustic signal to call back your dog even from a long distance.

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Ideal Dog Tracker with GPS


NEW – GPS Tracker for Dogs with Innovative 4G Technology!

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location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Dogs.
battery black icon Battery: Up to 9 hours in continuous use and up to 5 days in standby mode.
signal Coverage: More than 100 countries with 4G technology.

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All Facts at a Glance

Advantages of the Dog GPS Tracker

Stay Calm When Your Dog Runs Away

  • LIVE Tracking

  • Retrospective Route Recording for up to 365 days

  • Includes App

dog in a feild with GPS tracker on its neck band

Secure Specific Areas

  • Set Up a Geo-Fence

  • Receive Alerts upon Entry and Exit

  • Push Notification to Mobile Devices

a black dog with PAJ PET Finder on its neck

Secure Specific Areas

  • Set Up a Geo-Fence

  • Receive Alerts upon Entry and Exit

  • Push Notification to Mobile Devices

Ideal for Outdoor Use

  • Waterproof according to IP67

  • Robust

  • Optimal Grip

Dog GPS Tracker

For More Security & Peace of Mind

The nightmare scenario for every dog owner:
Your own pet is no longer recallable during free-roaming or succumbs to its hunting instinct and runs away. Perhaps you have experienced this unpleasant and impactful situation yourself. Over 30,000 dogs are reported missing every year, and many of them are never found again.

The concern for your own dog unfortunately does not diminish despite all the well-intentioned advice. The constant fear of such a scenario continues to haunt one. These situations usually occur in a matter of seconds and without warning, leaving little time to react. For a bit more certainty and the possibility to intervene in the worst case, we have the optimal solution for you: Dog GPS Tracker.

View Dog Tracker

With a GPS collar for dogs , you can always track your four-legged friend’s whereabouts. The PET Finder can be attached to your dog’s collar or harness. In case of an emergency, you can intervene and recapture your dog. When using GPS tracking, the appropriate device must also be selected, and the device itself provides information on this. For example, it may state “suitable for dogs weighing 4 kg or more.”

Dog GPS Tracker

Ease Meets Functionality

Due to its compact form and low weight, your dog will not be hindered in its natural movements in any way. The GPS for dogs is also suitable for smaller dogs, which quickly adapt to the tracker.

With the included mount, the GPS Tracker can be easily attached to the collar or harness in a few steps. Simply slip the mount over the fittings on the PET Finder and attach it to the collar or harness. Collars are usually very light, and the additional tracker also adds minimal weight, not bothering your four-legged friend in everyday life. 

Discover GPS tracker dog

For the initial attachment, we recommend familiarizing your dog with the unfamiliar device. Before going for a walk, let your four-legged friend wear it in a familiar and supervised environment. This way, if needed, the attachment can be applied, and your dog can wear the tracker outside without any concerns.

Easy & Fast Attachment


Activate and Turn On Dog GPS Tracker


Slip the rubber holder over the fitting on the FINDER


Place the rubber holder around the collar or harness and slip it over the other fitting on the FINDER

Interesting Facts

Dog Runaway: 5 Reasons Why Dogs Escape

1. Unexpected Situations

A sudden event can prompt a dog to seek refuge in fear. One cause, for example, could be a gunshot in the woods or fireworks. Dogs, known for their significantly better hearing than humans, may find such sounds threatening or disturbing, even if they are imperceptible to the human ear.

2. Hunting Instinct

Contrary scenarios can also lead to a dog running away. Exciting smells and noises can entice a dog to escape in order to follow them.

Dogs not only hear much better than humans but also have fantastic noses. This is not always advantageous. Especially dogs with a strong hunting instinct often love to pursue the trail of wild animals. Once they catch a scent, they become highly concentrated, making them difficult to recall.

3. Unfamiliar Environment

In addition to the described sources of noise and scent, an unfamiliar environment in general can also lead to a dog running away. The place of residence plays a significant role here, as dogs have a natural territorial instinct. So, if someone moves, they should be prepared for the possibility that the dog may try to find its old home. It’s also possible that the dog will initially explore the backyard or the neighborhood.

Similarly, if an owner takes their dog on vacation, the confusion of the pet may result in it running away.

4. New Family Member

For those who have recently adopted a new dog into their family, especially one from a shelter or abroad, we recommend exercising extra caution. The background of these animals is often unknown, and it is unpredictable how they will react to all the unfamiliar impressions.

5. Reproductive Instinct

Aside from other causes, dogs often run away due to their reproductive instinct. Many male dogs cannot resist following the scent of a female in heat. The drive in females is also often so strong that they run away to seek a suitable mate.

Swift action is of great importance in both cases. In the case of an unintended mating, the owner of the male dog can also be held responsible for the consequential costs and is generally required to pay a portion of them.

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Interesting Information

5 Reasons Why a GPS for Dogs Makes Sense

1. Geo-Fence to Prevent Escapes

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why your dog might run away. Whether out of fear, hunting instinct, unfamiliar surroundings, or due to a sudden event, dogs are still primarily driven by instinct and instinct.

Creating a virtual fence for your dog can be advantageous for various reasons, such as when your dog is tempted by another dog to leave your property. If the virtual fence is crossed, you will be immediately notified with a push notification on your smartphone containing the current position.

2. For Traveling with Your Four-Legged Friend: GPS Tracker for Dogs

If your dog accompanies you on vacation or business trips, and you don’t want to lose sight of them, you can easily use ONLINE tracking abroadwithout additional costs. Our GPS tracker for dogs is usable worldwide. The built-in M2M card records routes even outside of Germany, alarms are active, and our free app is available everywhere. Especially in unfamiliar areas, you may want to track where you walked, jogged, or cycled with your dog. The activity tracking shows all movements and the overall activity of the dog.

3. Theft Protection with the GPS Tracker for Dogs

Hard to imagine for every animal lover, but dogs can also be stolen. Depending on the breed, thieves can earn good money from this crime. So, if you leave your four-legged friend alone on the property occasionally or regularly, a dog GPS device could ideally prevent abduction.

Very helpful for this is the Geo-Fence: As soon as your dog leaves a certain area, you will immediately receive an alarm.

4. Route Tracking

In your free time, you enjoy hiking, running, or cycling with your dog? You like being in nature together and want to trace the route you’ve taken? Then you will greatly appreciate the route tracking.

In our online portal, you have all the important facts and the position history of the GPS tracker at a glance. This way, you can see where you found particularly beautiful places or where your dog could really let off steam. Even during a walk, you can view the route taken or perform a location check.

5. GPS Tracker for Dogs: Alternative to Tags

Owners often use tags with their complete data to ensure that in case of an emergency, the missing pet can be safely identified. If you don’t want to disclose your data here, you can also leave a sticker on the finder itself.

Of course, a combination of these two options is also helpful for the finder of your four-legged friend. The big difference remains: The tag reveals to others where and who you are. The tracker, on the other hand, reveals to you where your dog is located.

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