Stay Connected with Real-Time Updates

Keep an eye on your pet with live tracking and let your family check on them too with shared location access. Set up safe zones with geofence alerts, and don't worry about recharging often — the battery lasts up to five days thanks to energy-saving features such as home wi-fi zone.

Adventure Ready, Anytime, Anywhere

Take your pet anywhere without stress. This waterproof tracker comes with a new Velcro strap for secure attachment. It records their location history for an entire year and works in over 40 countries, so you’re covered on all your travels.

Secure Your Pet's Safety and Freedom

Don't hold back your adventurous pet.

Waterproof for all conditions

PET Finder 4G: Easy to attach and even easier to use

Designed for Any Collar: Our Robust Pet GPS Tracker Offers Extended Battery Life and Superior Durability, Ensuring Reliable Tracking No Matter the Adventure.

Design & Enhanced Durability

Designed for pets over 4kg, our resilient, lightweight tracker weighs only 36g.

Effortlessly secure to any collar: The robust velcro strap allows for quick and easy attachment.

Battery Life & WIFI Home

Track continuously for up to 9 hours on adventures or switch to energy-saving mode for daily use up to 5 days.

Utilizes WiFi zone coverage for enhanced battery savings during daily use.

Thanks to Pet Finder, we adopted a wonderful dog who fits perfectly into our family. The support team was also very helpful.

Manuel / PET Finder 4G

Very user-friendly and comprehensive. I appreciate the additional resources for pet care and training tips.

Vanine / PET Finder 4G

Pet Finder is fantastic! The extensive database and easy navigation helped me find the perfect pet in no time.

Margaret / PET Finder 4G

Pet Finder made finding our new puppy so easy and stress-free. The detailed profiles and filters are incredibly helpful!

Steffen / PET Finder 4G

Amazing app! I found my cat within days and loved the smooth adoption process. Highly recommend it to all pet lovers.

Klaus / PET Finder 4G

Great app with lots of useful features. Only wish the notification system was a bit faster, but overall very satisfied.

Enzo Lupu / PET Finder 4G

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Subscription Plans

Your subscription takes care of all costs for the tracker's SIM card, providing limitless data and range for seamless service, along with access to all app functionalities. No additional costs beyond this subscription.



Flexible Monthly Payment



Yearly Savings Plan: £54.99 per year



Long-Term Value: £89.99 every two years

Features Included in All Plans:

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Live Tracking: Keep tabs on your pet's whereabouts with updates every 60 seconds to 10 minutes.

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Track Recording: Access a year's worth of your pet's journey history.

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Training Features: Utilise acoustic signals for effective call training.

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Instant Notifications: For movement, geofence breaches, speed, or low battery.

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Home WiFi: Utilizes home WiFi network for enhanced energy efficiency.

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Unlimited Data:Track freely without worrying about data caps.

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Global Coverage: Locate your pet in over 40 countries without additional roaming charges.

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Family Sharing: Coordinate care by sharing your pet’s location with family members.

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Ease of Use: Enjoy a simple setup process and user-friendly app interface.

No, to fully utilize the PAJ PET Finder 2.0, a subscription plan is required. This ensures access to the best pet tracker features, including live tracking and real-time alerts, enhancing your ability to monitor your pet's whereabouts efficiently.

The PAJ PET Finder 2.0 boasts an impressive battery life of up to 5 days thanks to energy-saving features such as home wi-fi zone, making it an excellent choice for pet owners seeking a reliable pet GPS tracker. With its extended battery performance, you can trust the device to track your dog's movements seamlessly, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

Absolutely, the PAJ PET Finder 2.0 is designed to be waterproof, making it an ideal dog GPS tracker for various weather conditions. Whether your furry friend enjoys splashing in puddles or exploring in the rain, this waterproof tracker ensures reliable performance, allowing you to track your pet's location without worry.

Yes, through the PAJ app, you can easily share your pet's real-time location with family members. This feature enhances the device's capabilities as a pet GPS tracker for dogs, enabling you to coordinate with your family and ensure everyone stays informed about your pet's movements.

Our GPS tracker uses satellite signals and the 2G signal from the M2M SIM card in the device/tracker to precisely pinpoint your furry friend's location. This information is then seamlessly transmitted to your phone, giving you real-time updates on your pet's whereabouts. It's like having a virtual leash on your pup, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind wherever they wander!

Our GPS trackers can reach for miles! With clear skies and no obstacles, you can keep track of your adventurous pet wherever they roam.

Certainly! Our trackers are designed to fit dogs over 4kg, and they come with adjustable straps to accommodate various breeds and sizes.

Your subscription takes care of all costs for the tracker's M2M SIM card, providing limitless data and range for seamless service. Plus, plans are not limited; you get full access to all features no matter which plan you choose.

Yes, your subscription renews automatically for your convenience. However, you'll receive a friendly reminder before renewal. You can also easily turn off the auto-renewal option from your profile settings.

Nope, no surprises here! We believe in transparency. Our subscription plans are straightforward, with no hidden fees. Just peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and sound.

Absolutely! Our GPS trackers are designed with your pet's safety in mind. They're lightweight, waterproof, and comfy for your furry friend to wear on all their adventures.

IP67 means they're dustproof and can even handle a dip in the water. So go ahead, let your dog splash around without a worry!

BATTERY LIFE 5 days in standby mode. 4 days in everyday tracking (at 1h/day). 8-10 hours of continuous operation (at 6-8 hours a day).
DIMENSIONS 52 mm x 42 mm x 15 mm
GPS ACCURACY Up to 5-10 meters depending on GPS reception.
BATTERY 500mAh Li-Polymer.
TIME TO START Cold start approx. 3-5 minutes. In standby approx. 1-3 minutes. During operation approx. 10-30 seconds
CHARGER Maximum input voltage 5V DC
WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 33887550

To access the complete technical specifications and detailed functionalities of our product, please download the comprehensive product manual. It provides an in-depth overview, covering all aspects from setup to advanced features, ensuring you have all the information needed for a seamless experience.


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