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Reduce operational costs with our user-friendly GPS fleet management system, ideal for small businesses. Easily manage and optimise routes with multi-user access.

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Affordable GPS Fleet Management

Choose from our range of easy-to-use GPS tracking systems for small fleets, including plug-and-play devices and wired trackers, all at competitive prices.

Simplified Fleet Management with Multi-User Access

Our intuitive fleet management app supports multiple users, ensuring you and your team can access real-time vehicle data from any device, enhancing collaboration without complexity.

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Robust and Reliable GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

GPS Trackers for Vans

Streamline Operations and Cut Costs with Smart GPS Fleet Management

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  • Real-time vehicle tracking for optimal fleet oversight and improved logistics.
  • Efficient route planning that saves fuel and reduces delays.
  • Enhanced theft protection with real-time alarm notifications
  • Remote access capabilities via web browser or app, allowing you to manage your fleet from anywhere.
  • Comprehensive package at a straightforward price, with no hidden fees.
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Benefits of Our Fleet Management System

Pinpoint Vehicle Locations with 5-Meter Accuracy in Real-Time

Our real-time vehicle tracking enables instant location updates, ensuring you can monitor your fleet from anywhere, at any time—ideal for dynamic fleet management.

Currently driven routes are displayed, and past routes can be shown after selecting a time period, with route storage available for up to 365 days.

This view can be optimized by adding custom names, images, and route colours for each vehicle, allowing you to quickly identify which vehicle it is and make faster decisions.

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Route Analysis

Comprehensive Route Insights for Optimised Planning

Review and optimise previously traveled routes with detailed, actionable insights.

This overview provides you with graphically prepared information about the speed profile, stop and rest times, and the total distance travelled by individual vehicles. With the help of comprehensive reports, driving routes can be optimized, thus reducing costs.

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Enhanced Security with Customizable Alarm Notifications

With a range of customisable alarms, your fleet’s safety and operational efficiency are enhanced. In any critical situation, these alarms, coupled with accurate vehicle locations, facilitate swift and effective responses.

Each alarm can be individually configured and managed for every vehicle in your fleet, ensuring tailored monitoring. Upon activation, you’ll receive instant notifications via email and push alerts on your mobile device, providing you with the precise location details needed to take immediate action.

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Real-time route planning

Optimise Schedules with Real-Time Route Adjustments

Accommodate last-minute changes with our flexible, real-time route planning.

Using route planning, you can easily determine in the portal which vehicle is near the customer. This information allows you to resource-efficiently incorporate the new customer appointment into the existing schedule.

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Data Privacy in GPS Fleet Management

Our GPS fleet management system offers numerous features to optimise your fleet operations. However, it’s crucial to consider data privacy requirements when using the system. Clearly communicate the use of GPS devices within the company. It’s essential that employees understand how the fleet management system works and its purposes.

The Cost-Effective Complete Solution for your Fleet

With our complete set, no wishes remain unfulfilled. Benefit from all the advantages of our fleet management software without restrictions.
1 Month
£5.99 / month
Price per vehicle
Monthly Subscription
2 Years
£3.75 / month
£89.99 per vehicle
Biennial Subscription


Hardware / GPS Tracker
One-time, depending on the model £50 - 100


Checkmark Symbol Real-time tracking
Checkmark Symbol Detailed route recording
Checkmark Symbol Travel categorization
Checkmark Symbol Real-time route planner
Checkmark Symbol Current traffic reports
Checkmark Symbol Speed camera alerts
Checkmark Symbol Motion / vibration alarm
Checkmark Symbol Alarm upon entering / leaving areas
Checkmark Symbol Alarm upon device removal
Real-time tracking
Detailed route recording
Route categorization
Real-time route planner
Current traffic updates
Speed camera alerts
Motion / Vibration alarm
Area entry / exit alerts
Device removal alert
Checkmark Symbol
Checkmark Symbol
Checkmark Symbol
Checkmark Symbol
Checkmark Symbol
Checkmark Symbol
Checkmark Symbol
Checkmark Symbol
Checkmark Symbol


Checkmark Symbol 365 days route memory
Checkmark Symbol Current mileage
Checkmark Symbol Start & end point
Checkmark Symbol Cost statistics
Checkmark Symbol Driving time & break statistics
Checkmark Symbol Speed profile
Checkmark Symbol Report export
Checkmark Symbol Group management
Checkmark Symbol Vehicle & driver management
Checkmark Symbol Contact & address book
365 days route storage
Current mileage
Start & endpoint
Cost statistics
Driving time & break statistics
Speed profile
Report export
Group management
Vehicle & driver management
Contact & address book
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Checkmark Symbol
Checkmark Symbol
Checkmark Symbol
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Frequently Asked Questions

With our GPS fleet tracker devices, you can track as many vehicles as needed. There are no limitations on the number of vehicles that can be integrated into our single tracking application (Finder Portal) provided by PAJ GPS.

We provide two types of GPS trackers:

  1. Self-Powered GPS Tracker: This tracker comes with its own built-in battery, allowing it to function independently without relying on an external power source. It’s perfect for situations where a continuous power supply might not be available.
  2. External-Power GPS Tracker: This tracker requires an external power source, such as a car battery or another power outlet. It’s ideal for scenarios where a constant power supply is accessible, ensuring uninterrupted tracking functionality.

Our fleet tracker is more than just a device; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to empower businesses in fleet management. With powerful features, our tracker optimises your fleet’s operations and enhances efficiency.

Enhanced Tracking Capabilities:

Speeding alerts: Stay informed about instances of excessive speed with real-time alerts. Our tracker notifies you when a vehicle surpasses predefined speed thresholds, helping enforce safe driving practices and mitigate risks.

Geofence: Define virtual boundaries for your vehicles with geofencing. Receive notifications whenever a vehicle enters or exits these predefined zones. This is particularly useful for monitoring specific areas of interest, such as customer locations or restricted zones.

Vibrational alert: Detect unauthorised activities or potential theft. The vibrational alarm feature triggers notifications when the tracker senses abnormal vibrations, enabling a swift response to security concerns.

Insights via Comprehensive Dashboards:

Our fleet tracker goes beyond tracking by providing a variety of customizable dashboards that present essential insights into your fleet’s performance. These dashboards offer real-time and historical data on various aspects such as speed vs distance charts, stop time and runtime, average speed, and more. These insights empower you to make informed decisions that optimise routes, reduce operational costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

In essence, our fleet tracker is your partner in efficient fleet management. It ensures the safety and security of your vehicles and drivers while providing data-driven insights to streamline operations and boost productivity. With a suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of your business, our fleet tracker is the ultimate solution for businesses that value smart, informed decision-making in fleet management.

Yes, our GPS tracker offers global coverage, allowing you to access the tracking dashboard and monitor your fleet from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in your office or travelling abroad, you can seamlessly stay connected with your fleet’s activities.

Yes, our fleet trackers are adaptable beyond vehicles. They can monitor a wide range of machinery and assets, providing real-time tracking, alerts, and insights to enhance operational efficiency and security.

Our tracking software is designed for simplicity and modernity, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Available on both the Play Store for Android and the iOS Store for Apple devices, you can access your tracking dashboard on the go. For comprehensive control, desktop access is also provided, offering detailed insights into your fleet’s activities.

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